08/17/2019 23:06

Shesaiso - global network of women in the music industry

MEETSSS conference in Portimão, Portugal, from 3rd October until 6th October
03/01/2019 23:44

Lebanon war bunker as techno club

In Lebanon a bomb shelter hiding place whose womb from the 1980s, in which Beirut was a war zone with infinite attacks has become one of the best techno clubs in the world.
10/20/2018 23:38

Traktor Pro 3

The brand new version of Traktor Pro 3 has just launched to the world, available for updating now. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the notable changes we’ve seen so far in the software since it kicked off.
05/10/2019 23:27

Aitor Ronda at WHACK, City Hall Barcelona

WHACK premier at City Hall Barcelona was a big success!
06/20/2019 23:19

Martin Garrix returns to ADE for his signature all ages and 18+ nights

Martin Garrix will present two shows at RAI during Amsterdam Dance Event, on October 18th and 19th.
Techno will also be at Sea Dance!
ADE - First selection of artists for 2019
Dave Clarke announces DVS1, Luke Slater, Paula Temple and more for his ADE night at Melkweg
Vulkan Festival 14. June 2019, stadium Zvecan , Kosovo
KaioBarssalos - Ground Steam [Simpecoding Records]
Amsterdam Dance Event announces France as 2019 Focus Country
Sea Star festival promoted by EXIT sent a strong peace message from the Croatian seaside
Various Artists - Abstract Weapons, Vol. 4
Somar Sevleuh - Witness EP [Simplecoding]
"Rash EP" by Fabrizio Lapiana is out on Attic Music
Heiko Laux on Klockworks 24!
Broken English Club returns to L.I.E.S with White Rats II
Unum Festival - The best and most effective way to connect the whole region
Rotterdam Rave 2019
"Awakenings" - the biggest techno music festival in the world
EVENT REVIEW: Euphoria lll — SNTS, Vegim, Flekitza, Liburn / Ferizaj / Uroševac, KS
Hype Beatport
Festival Guide 2019 - The Best Festival Experiences in Europe
ADE Announce 2019 Dates
Vegim - Newsletter December 2018
No Sleep Festival gathered 25,000 people from over 30 countries in Belgrade!
NEWS: TMM Records 2018
Amsterdam Dance Event rounds up record-breaking 23rd edition
REVIEW: Premiere | Vegim – Raveling EP [TMM Records]
ADE 2018 Announces Second Wave of Artists
Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 completes program
PARTY REVIEW: 'RW X DEnacht' w/ VRIL (Live), Ancient Methods & Daniela La Luz
Hapesira's February techno events
How I found out about SHDW & Obscure Shape
PARTY REVIEW: Rilindja Warehouse III w/Alex.Do & Hunter Game
Vulkan Fest 30th June and 1st July in Zvecan, Kosovo
Dave Clarke returns to ADE with his renowned Friday night party at Melkweg on 19th October
Turtle Fest announces first names of its 7th edition lineup
EXIL & Next Level pres. SHDW & Obscure Shape + Fideles – APR. 13, 2018 at Teatri ODA , Prishtina, KS
PARTY REVIEW: RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal | Prishtina, KS
PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS
NEWS: "Radiant" - Sabb's first album/new record label
Q&A with Chris Nait [Respekt Recordings, Unity Records] AT
RWIX: Artefakt LIVE, Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi | Prishtina, KS on 2. MAR 2018
Nick Curly at Prevallë, Kosovo on 4th February 2018
UVB for the first time in Kosovo, headlining the upcoaming First Edition of “Euphoria Warehouse”
PARTY REVIEW: TKNO at club Basstore, Prishtina, Kosovo
PARTY REVIEW: Independence Night with Dj Tennis, David Squillace, Alban Hajdini @ Zone Club, Prishtina, KS
A Belgian Impression of Next level's 11th Anniversary with Rebekah!
Rebekah deconstructs the hybrid setup | Native Instruments
PARTY REVIEW: 11th Anniversary w/Rebekah, Rinia Rinia, Toton, Vegim & Flekitza / 15--09 / Teatri ODA, Prishtina-KS
Biography: "Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke
New Album ’The Desecration of Desire’ by Dave Clarke
Amsterdam Dance Event 2017
Underworld to give keynote speech at ADE
Review: Premiere | Vegim – Granit EP [TMM Records]
Interview with Vegim by Happy 365 MAG, Lithuania
Latest news about VEGIM / September '17 Newsletter
Party review: Seth Troxler at Zone Club in Prishtina, Kosovo
Rebekah will visit Prishtina for the first time during her "Fear Paralysis Album Tour", on the occasion of “Next Level’s 11th Anniversary”
“Sabb, Manu Gonzales - Daydream (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour Recordings]”- Tech House track of the Year
11th anniversary of Next Level w/ Rebekah / 15. SEP / Teatri ODA, Prishtina-KS
Announces the lineup of 7 genres
Drymades & Berlin (Capital of Techno), join forces to bring Riva Starr in Albania, for the first time
RA reviews: Vegim ‎- 'Breaking Point' [TMM records]
Album world tour "Breaking Point" by Vegim
Jeff Mills leads the special No Sleep line up within the Exit Festival!
Brodolom event Vol3 with Marika Rossa, 3. June 2017, Zvechan, KS
Review of Massive Fest, Djakova, KS
WinTIX for Massive Fest
Review: Nat H Lee at Basstore Club, Prishtina, KS
Q&A- Miss Nat-H-Lee (Strange Agency, Purelist, LU)
Review: Gabeen - Retrospection Remixes EP [Switch Off Records]
Q&A - Alex Bau [CREDO, DE]
Q&A - Megan [TMM Records, Mind + Records, KS]
Review: UVB - The School of Intolerance EP [Mord Records]
Review for Vegim's promo mix 'Harvest of Spring"
Review of Klankman - World of Phenomena EP (Mord Records)
Review of Catatumbo EP by Juan Trujillo [Simplecoding Recordings]
Bunarfest XIII Edition 2017
The Parisian SuperclubB CONCRETE Doubles Its Team for their return to Exit!
Review: Megan – Rooms Without Doors [TMM Records]
Aril Brikha [Art of Vengeance / SWE] returns to Prishtina (Kosovo) after six years
Q&A - Electrorites [Nightmare Factory Records, Shout Records, Structures Records, IT]
No Sleep Novi Sad stage 2017 at Exit festival
Q&A - Pumio Space [99% Robot, TMM Records, KS]
Boiler Room Glasgow – Soma 25 w/ Slam, Rebekah, Clouds, SHDW & Obscure Shape
Q&A - Lag [Teskoba, SR]
Q & A with Artil [Mind+, KS]
RILINDJA WAREHOUSE VI: Abdulla Rashim & Acronym [SE] | Prishtina, KS
Q&A with Anetha [Blocaus, Reclaim Your City]
Zone Electronic Night with locals 25th March 2017 / Prishtina, Kosovo
PLAY@EXIT – Enter The Global Competition for the Performance at Exit Festival
Anascole - CK1 EP on TMM Records
"Rooms without doors" album by Megan
Aivazovsky Waves podcast pres. Vegim
Zone Club pres Ricardo Villalobos & Sonja Moonear 16. FEB 2017
RWIV: SHDW & Obscure Shape + SOMNE | Prishtina, KS
Early-Bird tickets available from 7th December!
TMM Records Celebrates 10 Years
Visions of Beyond 11. SEP / Fortress Harilaq, Kosovo
Mental Festival 5. & 6. August at Gjipe Beach / Himare, Albania
Zone Fest 3. & 4. June / Prishtina, Kosovo
Active Live Music Festival @ Viva Club, Mitrovica, Kosovo
Zoom Festival, Leposavic, Kosovo
Aril Brikha @ Full House Klub, Prishtina, Kosovo
Steve Lawler @ Spray Club, Prishtina, Kosovo
Eelke Kleijn @ Full House Club, Prishtina, Kosovo
Black Sun Empire @ ODA, Prishtina, Kosovo