Somar Sevleuh - Witness EP [Simplecoding]

06/03/2019 00:16

 Somar Sevleuh - Witness EP [Simplecoding]

Somar begins his journey in 2014 after having played as DJ in some SonidoStereo collective events in Barcelona.

Based in Barselona city he is building his reputation with more than 50 tracks in different labels like Naughty pills and Vapour Trail to name but a few.


His music is influenced by modern techno, trance from the 90's and acid. He focuses his productions towards a very pounding hipnotic sound, repetitive synthesizers, absorbent melodies and creative percussions.


His debut EP on Simplecoding named 'Witness' brings 3 original off beat tunes loaded of random sequencesn, and dusty tops.

Also including two remixes Agustin Viera and Coscia.


Providing the 4X4 groove and compliment the ep for extra variety.



by Kosovo Clubbing