09/30/2023 13:02

My first organic watermelon :)

This is our first watermelon from Greek seeds in lux garden ;)
07/05/2022 21:00

My suntan oil

it can become yours too ;)
04/30/2020 18:08

Almond milk

I milk almonds and make homemade almond milk 🥰
04/06/2022 14:22

Nettle infusion

The infusion is actually tea, but a little more intense super dark green transparent tea :)
04/04/2022 21:36

Symptoms of switching to a healthier diet

Dr. Stanley S. Bass is a doctor of natural hygiene, he has been researching human nutrition for decades to achieve optimal health and freedom from disease, which is the most important prerequisite for the prosperity and happiness of every individual.
04/03/2022 19:35

Nettle soup

This is the recipe I use for raw nettle soup :)
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