Glitter - What to avoid

01/09/2018 22:30

necessary steps to avoid glitter, as well as all products that contain them

Glitter - What to avoid

3 steps to avoid glitter 


- Avoid make-up, nail polish and sprays that contain any glossy microparticles

- Use only organic and natural cosmetics. Look for products that, instead of glitter, possibly contain mineral ingredients such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

- Do not buy any objects that contain glitter - whether it's home decor, birthday cards or party requisites


Why are we attracted by glittering things?


From ancient times people are attracted by glitter things, and anthropologists connect this glamor with brilliance with our drive for survival. The man was in search for water, rivers and streams, whose surface flashes and shines. It's a shine that relates to life itself.