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Having emerged from the early scene, Flekitza is one of the Kosovo's finest techno exports. With broadcasting, journalism, promoting under her belt, she is a curator for her label and continues to improve and build her name, becoming one of the most recognizable female djs in techno realm.


Already known for skills behind the decks, armed with massive tracks, dark beats, deep atmosphere, she is fast becoming one of techno’s most notable artists. With a desire to spot and promote techno, she works on Naked Lunch Booking Agency, which provides worldwide known techno mavericks. Now she is running the prestigious label "TMM Records" together with her partner Vegim.



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My daily adventures of listening to techno, cycling and making an effort to eat food that heals:

CLUB MAG | 03/07/2019 00:52

EVENT REVIEW: Euphoria lll — SNTS, Vegim, Flekitza, Liburn / Ferizaj / Uroševac, KS

Valon Hoxha and his NGO "Euphoria" from Ferizaj has been organizing music events dedicated to electronic music for two years in a row, giving special attention to the techno genre
CLUB MAG | 03/03/2019 22:55

Hype Beatport

Techno is still the best selling genre!
HEALTHY CLUBBING | 02/11/2019 05:31

NATRIUM ASCORBAT - vitamin C (ascorbic acid + bicarbonate)

by Mirko D. Grubić in case you wanna colab with english translation, please contact me at info@flekitza.com
DAILY BEAT | 02/11/2019 03:20

Daily Dozen application by Dr. Michael Greger

app will help you to balance your daily food you need for health body and mind.