07/10/2019 20:00

Turmeric beverage

And yes, in these summer days I am with a sore throat. Blah .... Why?! Immunity weakened...probably :D
04/12/2018 21:00

Housekeeper and honey for the treatment of myoma and cysts

My favorite and tested beverage for cleansing myoma and cysts.
09/01/2017 11:55

Magic water just arrived on Kosovo

colloidal water / silver water
03/09/2017 23:47

Is it good to drink water after a meal?

Drinking cold water after meal = Cancer!
02/13/2017 22:15

Linden tea for winter days

enjoy your leisure with linden tea
07/01/2016 00:32

What standard of water are you drinking?

They like to say “blood is thicker than water”, but actually in my opinion, it is not :) Water is what we are!