Almond milk

04/30/2020 18:08

I milk almonds and make homemade almond milk 🥰

Almond milk


- 100g of raw almonds 🌰
- 1 liter of water 💦


Soak almonds in water and leave to stand overnight or at least 3 hours to swell and peel more easily 🤓

Strain and rinse the almonds through a strainer

Peel them, the almond wrapper is easy to remove

Peeled white almonds put in a blender with 1 liter of water and mix 🥳

🕸️ Strain through a sieve, strainer

🥛 The liquid obtained is almond milk 🥰

You can leave the rest of the almonds from the strainer in the fridge and in two days there will be fermentation and you will get almond cheese;)

Almond is a super-powerful nut 👊