Linden tea for winter days

02/13/2017 22:15

enjoy your leisure with linden tea

Linden tea for winter days

On winter days, Linden Tea helps me to get away from depry (shortcut for depression :D) situation.
The Linden tea I’m currently drink I bought at the market in Ulpiana, Prishtina for only 50 cents packed in bags as you see in the picture below.

Previously I bought this tea, in my opinion, at the best local company “Natyra” from the village of Stanishor in Kosovo. Two years ago the price was 80 cents.

Natyra’s products can be found in the ALBI markets all around Kosovo. The package is enough for a month even when drinking tea almost everyday..

It calms my nerves and is perfect for my colds and my throat which was so terrible during December. In Linden tea I do not add any sweetener, especially not sugar because its very sweet.

More about Linden tea HERE!

See video story I have made about “NATYRA”
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Jump to nearby markets and buy “Natyra” linden tea! Enjoy super sweet tea from linden.

Always support local products!

Yummy :)