What you should know about linden tea

02/13/2017 21:58 FLEKITZA.com

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What you should know about linden tea

Even though the young leaves can make a delicious seasonal salads and flowers can be used for the preparation of rakija, wines and natural skin care, linden is commonly used for drying and tea. Tea from the flowers of linden trees is a natural sedative - from ancient times it has been used in alternative medicine as a remedy to relax the nervous system, especially in the cases of expressed nervousness, irritability, anxiety and insomnia.

It causes sweating and excretion of toxins and excess fluid from the body.

Take dried linden flowers, cover with boiling water and let the tea stand for 10 minutes. Then it is ready to drink!

Tea made from linden has a distinctive and pleasant taste thanks to the aromatic oils contained in its flower.

The benefits of tea from linden leaves include:

- It has a beneficial effect in the case of headaches caused by inflammation of sinus and migraine
- Can be used as an addition to baths for babies anticonvulsants
- It is recommended to women in menopause to relieve symptoms such as irritability and insomnia, and has a beneficial effect in case of problems associated with premenstrual syndrome
- It has a beneficial effect in the case of arteriosclerosis (closure of arteries) and hypertension and many experts point out its beneficial effects against other cardiovascular ailments
- Linden affects the blood vessel walls and can even mitigate the symptoms of varicose veins
- It can assist in the prevention of pneumonia, with sinus and throat complaints, and has an extraordinary action on the bladder and kidneys, preventing unpleasant urinary infections