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Everything you have to know about Marigold
12/02/2018 01:41

Raw Pumpkin soup

07/15/2019 01:39

Natural tooth care

by Dr Sladjana Velkov
06/04/2016 01:21

Red Smoothie for cleansing the liver

The combination of ingredients in this smoothie/juice is for cleansing the liver and will help you with the process of natural cleansing.
02/11/2019 05:31

NATRIUM ASCORBAT - vitamin C (ascorbic acid + bicarbonate)

by Mirko D. Grubić in case you wanna colab with english translation, please contact me at info@flekitza.com
01/25/2019 03:27

Food for those with gastritis

If you have gastritis the most important thing is that your diet has a proper schedule and a sufficient space between each meal.
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