Why is stretching important?

01/18/2018 23:14 FLEKITZA.com

stretching will calm your mind.

Why is stretching important?

Stretching will increase the flow of blood in the muscles, which will affect the delivery of more oxygen and nutrients, which will speed up the recovery of muscles.

If you have back pain, it is often the result of spasm of the muscles of the back, hips and gut muscles. Daily stretching pain can be alleviated, and their strengthening will correct the backwardness of standing and sitting.

If you are wondering about the relationship between cardiovascular and cardiovascular health, the experts explain this as follows: muscle stretching leads to a physiological chain reaction in the body that slows down the blood vessel hardening, which ultimately reduces the risk of stroke.

In addition stretching promotes the production of elastins and collagens that contribute to the flexibility of not only your muscles but also the arteries.

Studies have also shown that middle-aged and elderly people have improved the flexibility of carotid blood vessels after introducing simple stretching exercises into everyday life.

This also directly affects our brain functions!

In addition to improving your flexibility, stretching will calm your mind.


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