Stripes at package of toothpaste

12/20/2012 02:00

Everything you need to know about green 🟩 blue 🟦 red πŸŸ₯ black ⬛️ strips on tooth paste 😁

 Stripes at package of toothpaste

Whether it's natural ingredients 🌿 or chemicals you will find out if you pay attention to the color of the square at the
bottom of the package πŸ€“


A square or strip in the lower part of the toothpaste indicates which ingredients contain the paste.


The square on the lower part of the tube tells a lot about the ingredients, and it's important to know what each
color represents.


Green code - completely natural ingredients 🟩

Blue code - natural substances + medicines πŸŸ¦

Red code - natural substances + chemicals πŸŸ₯

Black code - only chemicals β¬›οΈ


I use THIS toothpaste πŸ˜ and you can buy it at the Organico, Priština πŸ‘Œ
or Amy Mako toothpaste 🀩