Symptoms of switching to a healthier diet

04/04/2022 21:36

Dr. Stanley S. Bass is a doctor of natural hygiene, he has been researching human nutrition for decades to achieve optimal health and freedom from disease, which is the most important prerequisite for the prosperity and happiness of every individual.

Symptoms of switching to a healthier diet


If you asked me which area is the least understood in the problem of nutrition, I would answer that it is the inability to properly understand and explain the symptoms and changes in the body, in the transition to a more reasonable and proper diet.


What do we mean by a "better diet"? First of all, it is the introduction of higher quality products into the diet. For example, man replaces a product rich in protein - pork with beef. Beef is more acceptable, because it is easier for the body to digest - it contains less fat, etc. Chicken is, for the same reasons, more recommended than beef. Beans, lentils and peas, in combination with smoked vegetables, are even richer in substances to restore health. Moving towards the top of the product quality scale, we find foods rich in protein that can be taken into the body without heat treatment - for example, cheese made from raw milk, without salt. Next, peeled fruits and other seeds - eat raw and unsalted.


To conclude: the closer food products are to their natural state, or the less susceptible they are to heating, the higher their quality. In their natural state, they preserve enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and "life force". This "life force" helps restore healthy fibers. Qualification of the quality of protein foods also applies to carbohydrates (with starch and sugar). It also applies to fats and foods rich in minerals.


The quality of the diet is also increased by giving up coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc. - contain toxic substances.


What is the relationship between food quality and recovery from illness?
In essence, this is: the higher the quality of the diet - the faster we get rid of the disease, because the body digests such food faster.

When using quality food, the following is necessary:

• proper combination of nouns,
• the correct order of intake - first you need to eat more easily digestible food - finally, those with more difficult to digest ingredients,
• in each meal, as many different foods as possible,
• Eat when hungry, not according to a pre-determined schedule


And now - What happens if a person follows the above rules in the diet and starts eating well?

Improvement of health and enrichment of personality will follow. Every cell of the body has an amazing mind, and its wisdom is immediately shown in action. The rule is - when the quality of food intake becomes higher than the quality of fiber (structure) in the body, the body rejects lower levels of matter and makes the place more perfect; this allows the construction of new, healthier fibers.


This rule is called the plan of evolution of Nature - the organism is very reasonable and always strives for perfection - to improve health. The organism always strives and always strives to maintain health - and it succeeds in that, if we do not interfere with it. By improving the care of the organism, we eliminate existing and prevent new diseases. The body independently fights against colds, fevers, cuts, growths, etc., regardless of whether we take action against these diseases or not. Our body always strives for health!


What are the symptoms and signs that occur when we stop eating lower-grade foods and start eating superior foods - those with more life, more natural than we are used to?

When you abruptly stop using foods with toxic content: coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, etc. headache and loss of strength occur.

Because the body releases toxins: caffeine and theobromine.

They come out of the fibers and, through the blood system, are present in many life cycles. Before the toxins reach the place where they will be destroyed, they are irritating all the time and cause headaches.

The noticeable lack of strength is caused by a decrease in heart activity - caused by the removal of toxins, because they stimulated greater (unnatural) heart activity. More frequent heartbeats (pulse) create relief, and slower depression.

Usually, in three days, these symptoms disappear and after that we feel much better, because our strength is restored.

Preparing lower quality food requires more effort and longer.

This means adding: spices, salts and other additives, and they have a more stimulating effect on the work of the heart and other organs, than less processed foods - closer to their natural properties.

It should be noted that the meat of domestic and wild animals and fish are more stimulating than cheese, nuts and proteins of plant origin. Therefore, by eliminating (or visibly reducing) foods of animal origin, a reduction in cardiac activity is achieved - this is the resultant effect.

It is reflected in the brain as relaxation, or a decrease in energy charge. This initial drop in strength lasts for approximately ten days, and maybe longer, after which the condition improves, there is an influx of energy and a reduction in stress.

Let's now get acquainted with the symptoms in the process of changes in our body.

A person who has switched to a more proper diet (diet) and adheres to it for 3 to 7 days, then gives up, under the pretext: "I felt better while eating the old way. I feel worse from the new diet. "

WRONG, because that person did not allow his body to rearrange and complete the first stage - renewal. If she had lasted a little longer, she would have started to feel much better.

During the first stage (lasts about ten days - in rare cases, several weeks), vital forces in the external parts of the body (skin and muscles), penetrate the internal organs and work on their reconstruction.

This transfer of all forces to the internal organs, partially causes a feeling of reduced energy in the muscles, which the brain registers as a kind of weakness, but it is a transfer of energy to more important parts of the body.

At this time, it is important for a person to reduce energy consumption - rest more and sleep longer. This is a critical stage and if a person neglects it and starts taking stimulants (any), it will disrupt and destroy the regenerative plan of the organism.

The most important thing is patience and faith in success; for a while, you will feel stronger than ever before. Success in restoring or improving health also depends on the correct understanding of this moment - the organism uses the basic energy to improve the internal organs and does not spend it on external activities (muscle work).

Be wise and accept this - relax.

The longer a person adheres to an improved diet and increases the quality of food, the more interesting symptoms he notices. The organism is in the process of "renewal".

The "reason" cell reasoned, approximately, as follows:

“Look, all these new materials! Very wonderful - we have a chance to get rid of this old garbage and build a wonderful new home, Come on! Let's start now. Let's get rid of this excess bile from the liver and gallbladder, and direct it to the intestines - to get rid of it. Let's expel these deposits from arteries, veins and capillaries. These stinking, gas-polluted, unimaginable masses have been here too long. Let's get rid of them! These arthritic deposits in the joints require cleansing. Let's eliminate concentrates from food, because they are irritating: aspirins, sleeping pills, narcotics, along with all the fat deposits, because they make our lives harder. Let's start and work until our body is in great condition. "

Headaches are possible at first.
The temperature may rise and you may catch a cold.
A rash may appear on the skin.
It is possible that, for a while, the intestines work poorly or, conversely, diarrhea may occur.
Fatigue and weakness are possible; loss of will to move, irritability, contradiction, mental depression, frequent urination, etc.

However, most people think that such reactions are bearable and show patience, because improvements will follow - every day, more and more noticeable. This will encourage you to continue your health care.

The symptoms will depend on: the material that the body excretes, the condition of the organs that are in the process of cleansing and the amount of energy you have at your disposal.

If you sleep and rest more - the symptoms will be milder and will disappear faster.

Otherwise, it is good that the symptoms are present. They are the most reliable evidence that the organism is rejuvenating and that it is getting healthier.

The deposits of toxins disappear, and they brought you illness, pain and all sorts of troubles. Rest assured, if you have endured the strongest symptoms (reactions), you have most likely avoided more serious illnesses. Do not expect that if you go further on the quality scale, ie. if you improve your diet, feel better and better, day by day, until you reach perfection. The path to enviable health is not a straight line. The work of the organism is, by its nature, cyclical.

Health is maintained and improved through cycles, and they shorten over time.

For example, you have switched to a healthier diet and feel better. After a while, a symptom appears. You may feel nauseous during the day, or you may get diarrheal odors. The next day, you will feel better and in a while everything will be wonderful. Then you suddenly catch a cold, feel shivering and lose your appetite. In two or three days (assuming you don't take pills or anything like that), your condition suddenly improves and you feel good - something you haven't experienced in years.

Suppose you feel so good for two months, and then, suddenly, you get itching or a rash. As in the beginning, nothing needs to be done against it. The rash will turn red, intensify, and it will be like that for about ten days. Suddenly everything will disappear. Immediately after that, you will notice that your hepatitis has disappeared. You have more power. All the toxins from the liver came out through that rash.

And so constantly: each reaction will be weaker than the previous one, because the organism becomes cleaner. Your thoughts will be liberated, your feelings will become clear and deep and you will sing with joy.


We must learn to obey the laws of Nature.

We must learn to eat simple, pure and natural foods, properly prepared and combined, and our body will in turn reject all the toxins that have accumulated during our lives.

The secret of the organism, the activities of Nature, the life force, are far beyond the limits of what our minds, today, are able to understand.

Every great physicist or other scientist who has ever lived in this world has worshiped the wonders of Nature.