03/31/2018 21:53

simple and pleasant way to cleanse the body


The sauna is a simple, inexpensive and comfortable way to cleanse toxins.
It gives an excellent result of detoxification of organism.


Sauna benefits

* stimulates toxins from the body
* helps you relax and relieve stress
* cleanses and rejuvenates the skin and whole body
* improves blood circulation
* it is effective in weight loss
* improves the elasticity of the arteries, protects against high blood pressure, heart disease
* helps with arthritis, allergies, skin diseases

1. The elevated temperature of the body (hyperthermia), stimulated by sauna, kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites

2. Thanks to sauna you can save ear infections, sinuses, throats and intestines, even chronic diseases

3. Hyperthermia destroys pathogenic cells. Hyperthermia is one of the known ways to treat cancer

Types of sauna


Finnish sauna
Traditional damp and dry sauna. Moisture is obtained by pouring water over hot stones. High temperature (90-100ºC) causes sweating.


Infrared sauna
Infrared radiation in the sauna emits a beneficial energy that penetrates the whole body. Lower temperatures (50-60ºC) are also beneficial for people with cardiovascular problems.


Roman sauna
Wet, mild, pleasant and fragrant (possible use of essential oils) sauna settings on ancient Roman baths. Designed for anyone with lower temperatures (40-42ºC). Removes muscle tension and stress.

Steam sauna
Lower temperatures (45-50ºC), but high humidity. The steam relaxes from inside and helps preserve health and maintain beauty. It is beneficial for the skin, respiratory organs and body purification.


Herbal sauna
A combination of extremely pleasant heat, moisture and natural vapor of plants that are above the hot rocks on which water is occasionally watered. Gently acts on the whole body. Mild temperatures (50-60ºC) and suitable for all.