Natural tooth care

07/15/2019 01:39

by Dr Sladjana Velkov

Natural tooth care

To have healthy teeth, you do not need to eat industrial and animal foods. You have to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially green.


Dr. Weston Price was investigating the cause of tooth decay among people in the Himalayas and a modern man in Switzerland and concluded that the Himalayas had all healthy teeth, although they were never washed while modern man in Switzerland had a lot of rotten teeth, although they were washed three times a day.


Teeth, as well as bones, are decaying due to high-protein nutrition because calcium from teeth and bones is an excellent neutralizer for strong acid that is caused by the decomposition of proteins in the liver.


Our body can accumulate only up to 30 gr of protein per day, and when we eat meat, milk and eggs we get about 150gr.


All protein surplus must be decomposed in the liver and neutralized, before ejection. This is exactly what bone calcium is used for.


Industrial food also creates acidity and steals calcium from teeth and bones in the same way.