Getting Started with Healthy Foods

03/05/2012 20:00

This is a text by Sladjana Velikov. I follow her advice and in fact, they all work. Try it! You will see what energy you will get.

Getting Started with Healthy Foods

What gives us life and what feeds us is energy, not substance. Plant is food thanks to the energy in it. Animals or humans eat that plant, assimilate energy, and throw away material debris. These residues become poisonous, and if not well eliminated from humans or animals will cause disease.

We also assimilate energy from the water while ejecting the material residue. Food and water are only carriers of beneficial energy.


When this becomes clear to us, and when we begin to assimilate life-giving energy from clean air and water, living food and the sun, then our food needs will be reduced and those 90% of the energy that is oused in digestion of coocked food and will be used in preserving the health and integrity of the cells, so that our body becomes perfectly healthy and long-lived.


Here are some tips to get you started on a healthy diet:

* Eat fruit for breakfast, eat salad with seeds for lunch, and keep dinner with half cooked food (vegetable soup, potatoes, brown rice ...) and half raw food.

Between meals, you can drink fresh fruit juices, eat vegetables and fruits, or nuts (almonds, nuts, seeds ..)


Exclude from diet: meat, fish, eggs, milk, white flour, sugar as well as their products and all types of industrial and processed foods.


You can also blend food. Specifically, you can put

- green vegetables,
- 1 heap of freshly ground flaxseed,
- a handful of nuts in a blender
- banana or two, and if you want a sweeter beverage, you can put some dates or dried figs ...

It's a complete meal, it's delicious and easy to prepare.


Eat only when you are hungry.


When we eat in time for lunch or dinner, we do not eat properly. The body can be hungry and only need raw food that has solar energy in it. If you feel hungry for something that has been processed or cooked, it is not hunger but addiction, much like drugs. The heroin addict will feel the need for the drug even though he knows that it is not good for him and that he does not need it. The sensations that addicts feel when they lack drugs are similar (only intensely) to false hunger: abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, weakness ... which is not a real hunger.

True hunger is the feeling in the mouth, the secretion of saliva and the need for certain raw foods. True hunger will make us quick and ready to find food, not tired, with dizziness and pain. External stimulants, such as smell or the sight of food, can trigger false hunger.


* When we are sick we are never hungry because vital energy is taken up by the regeneration of the body. A sick animal never eats. Also when we are in a state of stress or excitement we should not eat because stress draws energy so digestion will be slower or food will not digest at all.

When we eat and we are sick, the food will be fermented instead of digested and the consequence is that the food will decompose and turn into poison.

If you are hungry when you are sick, I advise that you only take raw, plant-based foods.

* Digestion will also be incomplete if you talk while eating. We heard from our fears, "Don't talk, when you eat"

* Don't worry too much if you sometimes eat bad food, you won't change anything, but worrying will reduce the efficiency of your digestion.

* Chew your food until it is liquid. If the food is not well chewed, it will not be digested well in the stomach, namely, large pieces of non-chewed food will not be digested in the stomach, but will ferment and become poisonous. The result will be symptoms of indigestion: gasses in the stomach, belching, increased acid ...

When food leaves the stomach, there is no more digestion of food but only assimilation.

* It is a bad habit to also drink liquids with meals. Foods are normally digested with digestive juices, when we dilute them with digestion fluids they will be weaker. Also, the food will be washed so that it will not have time to digest in the stomach and will instead ferment in the intestines.

Ideally, you should not drink anything 15 minutes before meals and 30 minutes after meals.

Eat a little.

The body will take in the energy from the food it needs to regenerate the tissue, something will be stored as fat and for everything else, the body will struggle to eliminate it through the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin.

* If you eat simple foods without combining too much, preferably one type of food, digestion will be better.



What to expect when you switch to a new diet:


* When switching to energy sun and raw plant foods, there will be a change in weight that manifests in 3 stages:

1. Catabolism, when toxins from the body are broken down and released and weight is reduced. As more tissue decomposes than it forms, there is an accelerated loss of gravity.

2. Stabilization is a process when we stop losing weight because the body has already purified itself and now the breakdown and tissue formation is being equalized. This period lasts for a while and then anabolism occurs.

3. Anabolism. Now there is a slight increase in weight although the calorific values of the food intake are much lower.

There is better assimilation of food, better performance of enzymes and purified energy channels, so energy will be better assimilated through the digestive tract, skin, breathing, eyes, etc.

It begins to create tissue that does not break down as quickly as it is made of other matter and soon it will completely normalize our ideal weight.

I wish you a long and healthy life! :)