Q&A - Lag [Teskoba, SR]

03/31/2017 00:11 FLEKITZA.com

Q&A - Lag [Teskoba, SR]

Hi Lag, thank you for your time, for the interview. Can you give us a short introduction to you?
L: Hi, I’m Lag. I’m a Serbian producer of, well, mostly broken techno. I release on MORD, THEM and a few other labels. I also DJ, mostly around Europe, although i just came back from a US tour.

Your latest releases on: Mord Records / Unkown Entity / Stale / Soul Notes, were impressive as always. What inspires your production?
L: It really varies from track to track. I usually start with a genre or track that i really love and an idea. Most of my original music comes from a concept, a non-musical idea that i want to transfer to the musical form and most of the remixes come from how i've heard the sounds of the original in my head. I sometimes stick hard to what i had envisioned (which often makes the process long and tedious, but pays off in the end) but more often i lay down the original idea and start experimenting, see where that takes me.

What equipment are you currently using, for DJing & Producing?
L: Serato SL3 and Reason 9.

What's your favourite track to play at your gigs?
L: It keeps changing all the time, plus there’s no easy answer to that question as some tracks i love for being elaborate, others for being the perfect tools, etc.  
Right now, my favorite mayhem tune is: John Starlight – Blood Angels (old but gold) and my favorite tool track is: Planetary Assault Systems – Dungeon (Phase Remix).

At the moment, at which artists are you keeping an eye on?
L: I stopped having “go-to” artists, a while ago. I just go through music and see what i like. There are a lot of artists who i have great respect for when it comes to production and integrity but, again, i will only play what fits my set.

What are your influences ?
L: I grew up on punk and followed it up with big-beat, pop and a number of other electronic genres, most notably IDM. I never went down the rabbit-hole though and i think i pretty much opened up to a great variety of genres so i have a lot to draw from.

How to become, a great DJ / Producer?
L: Work on music, work on your network, stick to what you believe in and don’t veer off of your very own road because you think you saw a shortcut.

What are your future plans?
L: Learn more software, do more music, start other projects.

What's your message to your fans / clubbers?
L: Thank you for everything. Thank you for listening to my music and thank you for coming out and making the dream life of a travelling DJ a reality for me. I’m endlessly appreciative of the opportunity you’ve afforded me. Also, please don’t kill me if i make a track without a vocal. Thanks!


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