Review: Premiere | Vegim – Granit EP [TMM Records]

10/15/2017 22:34

words: Celine Den Haag

Review: Premiere | Vegim – Granit EP [TMM Records]

TMMR 210, the next release from Take More Music Records features 4 original primetime techno cuts from the artist known as Vegim.

Bursting with energy and dynamics, TMMR 210 showcases Vegim’s diverse and constantly evolving unique techno sound.

Inaugurating this interstellar journey with Absolutely Shifted, the first techno track on the release introduces a deep bass driven soundscape with superbly crafted percussions combined with extra-terrestrial melodies that immediately absorbs your attention.

Adjusting route on this interstellar highway, Distorted Key changes direction by means of prefacing a drop beat bit crushed rhythm with a prominent throbbing bass, loaded with crisp percussions and interjected with the subtle inclusion of intercepted alien transmissions which add pace and urgency to the track.


Altering course once again, Granit delivers a solid 4 to the floor groove with elegant percussions fused with an eerie and intergalactic melody suited to first-contact.

Concluding the journey by dropping out of hyperspace, Halogen furnishes a deep and pulsating bass kick with a subtle yet beautiful synth hook which combines fantastic snares, crisp percussions, and an abundance of atmosphere.

TMMR 210 leaves you with a positive and lasting impression of both the in-depth quality of the release and the imaginative ability of the artist Vegim himself.


by Point Collective