Hapesira's February techno events

09/06/2018 00:17 FLEKITZA.com

Two events in February in two years organized by Hapsira organization on Kosovo: RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha, Vegim, Flekitza, Leo Lumezi, Uran B. & RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi

Hapesira's February techno events

On FEB. 16, 2017 After introducing me to german amazing/outstanding electronic music scene, 'Hapēsira' introduced me to France's and Ukraine's electronic music scene w/ Anetha from 'Blocaus Series'/'Reclaim Your City' & Etapp Kyle from 'Klockworks'/ Unterton' for 'Rilindja Warehouse V' - which was also connected to Germany, as Etapp Kyle is part of Ben Klock's 'Klockworks' and 'Ostgut Ton'.

I will always remember the moment when Anetha played Dustin Zahn's 'Ascendant II' which i know of thanks to my fav. local artists/friends - Vegim & Flekitza, and her own 'Acid Train'! ♥




On FEB. 02, 2018 I finally had a chance to listen to my fav local artist - Vegim, for the first time at my home - 'Rilindja Warehouse, among Artefakt - which i haven't known before 'Rilindja Warehouse IX', and now they are in my preferences. Hearing Vegim plays Inigo Kennedy's 'Magma' on 'Token Records' and Rod's 'Hor' on 'Klockworks, was amazing and unforgettable.




'RW X DEnacht' - My fav. 'Rilindja Warehouse' experience' so far!♥


by Andy Meka