Interview with Vegim by Happy 365 MAG, Lithuania

10/08/2017 11:08

by HAPPY365mag

Interview with Vegim by Happy 365 MAG, Lithuania

- Briefly introduce yourself.

Vegim: I am Vegim, 35, producer & performer. From Prishtina/Kosovo.

- What should everyone know about you? Details, facts that can`t be missed.

Vegim: I like to think that I make techno, although to some it’s just noise. I run “TMM Records”, a techno label with more than 200 catalogs out in every shop. Focused on new music and ideas, with no rules and boundaries, strictly techno, the label is managed by my partner and wife Flekitza who is also an amazing artist and brilliant person.

- When and how did your journey in the music world begin?

Vegim: My journey into the underground began in the nineties. Starting as Hip Hop dj, I jumped into DNB, then in 2000 I became a full slave to Techno.

- In what way is your music unique? Why should every lithuanian electronic music lover go to hear your music at Revolution Festival?

Vegim: I don’t think that my music is unique or better than any other, each style and genre has its own lovers, vibes, moments, energy. It is just different. What I do and make now, it is the techno I like to introduce. It might be new, unheard before, melodic or dark, slamming mixed with my own productions. Everything depends on the energy and vibe that the crowd gives me.

- We heard that you are planning to release a new album. Could you tell us more about it?

Vegim: Yes, it is a 15 tracks-album. My first. It took me a lot more time than I expected, it has consumed most of my energy for the last couple of months and I think something good has come out of it. All tracks are techno with a lot of energy. Previews will soon be out on my page.


- What was the most memorable thing during your first visit in Lithuania while you were attending at the Loft Fest in 2015?

Vegim: The energy of the people, hosting of the organizers, enthusiasm, architecture, baroque style of culture, fine arts and a lot other things that made me feel very cozy and warm. I am not a fan of deluxe buildings and hotels so I was blown away on my very first day in city. At night I was following Loftas festival where I met a lot of friends and we had amazing time. I was very impressed with Lithuanian bands also, their simplicity in performance yet very musical and professional.

- What do you like to do in your life, besides music? Do you have other hobbies?

Vegim: I like to ride my bike. Makes me think straight and fills me with positive energy. Additionally, I do graphic design and video editing for many companies, clubs, and record labels. I also do a lot of audio mastering. So all my time is filled with music, biking and graphic design.

- What makes you feel happy every day?

Vegim: I try to feel happy most of the time, smiling is therapy and really important. I skip reading bad, depressing and frustrating news and politics. So it’s always Music, Love, Sun, Birds, Bike, Friends and repeat.

by Happy 365 mag