Zone Electronic Night with locals 25th March 2017 / Prishtina, Kosovo

03/08/2017 00:24

always support your local products :)

Zone Electronic Night with locals 25th March 2017 / Prishtina, Kosovo

Zone Club continues to organize electronic music events. This time, the team at Zone club have decided to present local artists, just few of them (Kosovo has many good world known artists and producers) who participated in the development of the electronic scene in Kosovo.

This event will take place Club Zone in Pristina on 25 March 2017.
This is also a pre-party of the Zone festival that will be held this year, second edition!

I have huge support for this event and all other Electronic series of Zone Club which supports Win Music Freedom organization, the only organization nowadays who is contributing to the development of clubbing in Kosovo.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet some of the local artists, listen to their mixes they have prepared for this event, give them support to continue from where they are in the development of clubbing as a lifestyle and of course, dancing to their music.

Also, this is a great opportunity to meet Pristina and its nightlife, perfect hospitality (proposal Buffalo hostel) and I'm sure this is gonna be the best clubbing tourism ever!

Pristina is my favorite city when we are talking about hard core clubbing :) 

So far, I have this info for you. Soon I’ll update you with other information.

Line up for 25th March 2017