Hype Beatport

03/03/2019 22:55 FLEKITZA.com

Techno is still the best selling genre!

Hype Beatport

In June 2018, Beatport launched Hype Charts will showcase the best boutique labels in the world, driving more visibility for independent music makers. According to this music platform, 96% of Beatport's music sales consist of independent music - adding about 25,000 new releases each week.

The Beatport's Curatorial Team made a Hype Picks section, composed of songs that break into the Hyper 100 chart.

"The Hype Charts give top billing to those shining gems that might have previously gone under the radar. It's a valuable tool for Beatport to promote new talent, while encouraging the DJ community to dig deeper in the store", said Terry Weerasinghe, Beatport's Chief Product Officer.


Discovering the best new music has never been easier.


Together with this innovative new feature on the site, Beatport is publishing a genre update that displays the best-selling genre platforms.

Techno is still the best selling, followed by tech house and house music, deep house, drum 'n' bass, melodic haouse and techno, trance, progressive house.