Q&A with Chris Nait [Respekt Recordings, Unity Records] AT

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9. February 2018 Chris Nait will be performing at club Bahnhof Prishtina

Q&A with Chris Nait [Respekt Recordings, Unity Records] AT

KS: Hi Chris, thank you for your taking your time to answer our questions. Can you introduce yourself as an artist?
CN: My name is Christian Lang. I am a DJ, producer and promoter from Austria.

KS: How/when did your journey into electronic music start?
CN: At the age of 14, I realized that I attract a wide interest into electronic music. I bought my first equipment, when I was 16.

KS: “Music is the art of thinking with sounds”. Where do you find inspiration?
CN: For me, everything depends on how I feel when I am making music. Some days, I am especially inspired and ideas just keep popping up in my brain. However, there are also days where I spend hours in the studio with no big progress. So, it really depends on the situation and the mood I am in.

KS: Tell us what are your top 5 favourite tracks?
1. Envoy - Dark Manoeuvres (Dax J Remix) [Soma Records]
2. Kmyle - Patient Zero (Original Mix) [La Chinerie]
3. A.Paul, Matt Mus - Covenant (Original Mix) [Eclipse Recordings]
4. Cleric - Nowhere Fast (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
5. Cleric - Dualistic Soul (Original Mix) [Soma Records]

KS: What kind of equipment are you currently using for DJing and producing?
CN: For DJing, I currently prefer a Pioneer DJM900 & 2 or 3 Pioneer CDJ2000nxs. For producing, I work with Ableton Live.

KS: Where is your studio located?
CN: I dedicated one room in my apartment to my music and set up a studio in there.

KS: Tell us your impressions about your latest gig at “KUGL St. Gallen” (Sat 09. December, 2017), which was hosted by “We Need Techno”
CN: My last gig was in Austria, in a very impressive location, which I will tell you more about it, a little bit later. The gig in Swiss, at KUGL St. Gallen was really amazing! The vibes and feelings going on there were huge! I really enjoyed that night.

KS: What’s the techno/clubbing culture like in Austria? What is the best techno club in Austria?
CN: For me, its definitely the “Grelle Forelle”, in Vienna.

KS: Tell us more about the Electronic Music Scene in Austria. Are there more techno or tech house artists in Austria?
CN: Of course, there are many good techno artists coming from Austria, like Florian Meindl, Niereich or Sutter Cane, just to give you the biggest ones.

CN: "I really like the idea of an underground club at a  train station. I guess the surrounding will create a very unique atmosphere so, I can’t wait to play there!"

KS: Have you head about Kosovo and our techno/clubbing culture before?
CN: Ufortunately, I haven’t but, this is why I’m especially looking forward to the upcoaing gig there!

KS: “Bahnhof Prishtina” is a conceptual project, an abandoned train station turned into a underground club. How would you rate the idea of turning an abandoned train station into a underground club? Are there such clubs in Austria?
CN: I really like the idea of an underground club at a train station. I guess the surrounding will create a very unique atmosphere so, I can’t wait to play there!

KS: Are there such clubs in Austria?
CN: Definitely! For example, the location I mentioned before! It’s called “Dom im Berg” in Graz and it’s built into a mountain right at the city centre. It’s absolutely breathtaking, I can tell you that!

KS: How would you express your excitement about your first performance here, at “Bahnhof Prishtina”?
CN: Well, it’s always very exciting to play in a country which I never played before. It’s always cool to get to know something new. Yeah, I am really excited about this gig!

KS: What can we expect from you in the future?
CN: In 2018, I’m going to release my first album! In addition to that, you can expect several EPs which will be released on “Naked Lunch” or “Driving Forces Recordings”, for example.

KS: What’s your message to your fans/Kosovo’s clubbers?
CN: I hope that as many of you as possible will be coming and bringing awesome party mood. I’m sure It’s going to be a hell of a ride!


Chris Nait will be performing on Friday 9. FEB 2018 at club Bahnhof Prishtina! 

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