REVIEW: Premiere | Vegim – Raveling EP [TMM Records]

10/02/2018 23:14

release date: 02.11.2018

REVIEW: Premiere | Vegim – Raveling EP [TMM Records]

Vegim makes another appearance on his label TMM Records with 4 tracker Raveling EP [TMMR 231] 


"Shapeshifter" - Kicking off with a lovely deep rolling beat with lush melodic undertones and wonderful percussion which engulfs you and entices the senses with sublime sound patterns.

"Ravelling" - Straight off a well-crafted punchy kick grabs your attention alongside a prominent gritty static background intensifying progressively with a lovely atmospheric kick drop into a winding build-up of melodic intense synth stabs and active diverse percussion.



"Transient Body" - Hooky melodic cut with a deep driving grooved 4 to the floor beat with gated melody interspersed with really balanced but crisp percussion engrossing and piloting you on a marvellous techno ride.

"Solver" - Beautiful booming sine wave sounding offbeat techno cut which immediately captivates you coupled with a semi-haunting yet alluring melody that re-aligns your waveform to the pumping frequency and takes the listener on an interdimensional audio journey.

(Review by Calrek)