Review: Megan – Rooms Without Doors [TMM Records]

04/08/2017 01:53

Review: Megan – Rooms Without Doors [TMM Records]

               Megan returned on TMM Records, one year after his last release Young Culture EP. He re-debuted on this prestigious record label, with his first 11-track album Rooms Without Doors. The album opens up with "Rooms Without Doors" a pleasant track made of impressive chords & percussions.

"But" - An amazing composition

"Once" - Notable claps & hypnotizing melodies are the elements that make this track one of a kind

"Pretend" - A perfect blend of kick, closed hi-hats, percussion, smooth melody & vocals

"Admit Everything" - Ear-catching composite

"Acting Thinking" - The groove & the energy on this track are just relentless, defo a club banger

"Abduction" - Satifsfying groove

"Curse Words" - The melodic / percussive elements & vocals, are perfectly designed and mixed in order to reflect nothing but pleasure

"Whatsoever" - Energy riser

"Expand Through The Emotions" - The perfect combination of hard & soft elements

"Krate" - An outstanding track, containing joyfull drums topped with unique chords, synths & melodic / percussive elements


by Kosovo Clubbing