KaioBarssalos - Ground Steam [Simpecoding Records]

06/12/2019 01:59 FLEKITZA.com

KaioBarssalos - Ground Steam [Simpecoding Records]

Caio César Barssalos best known as 'KaioBarssalos' had his first contact with electronic music at a very early age.


Natural from São Paulo, Brazil, he began his incursion in the scene since mid 2010. He is part of the new generation of artists from that country that has been surprising with cool melodic tunes in different labels.


For his debut on Simplecoding he delivers 2 original bangers.



Pounding lows, ambiental atmospheres and repetitive synthetic arrangements are the key ingredients in 'Gound Steam' an ep for the dance floor.



This EP including two great remixes from boss of Default Series Records, Jose Monsalve from Colombia and the argentinian rising tallent Matt Saderlan.




 by Kosovo Clubbing