Le Martz - System EP [Simplecoding]

12/10/2019 00:44 FLEKITZA.com

Le Martz - System EP [Simplecoding]

Leando Delanuuka best known as Le Martz is one of the most relevant new artist from Buenos Aires that has grown rapidly gaining tons of recognition in the local and international scene.


We first heard of his work on techno label from Kosovo, TMM Records with his Magma EP in 2017. 





His Debut Ep 'SIMC0007' on Simplecoding is one of our favorites and got amazing reviews from us. Very good work! 


Now he (Le Martz) comes back with his second Ep named System with 2 original tracks loaded with sequenced sounds and pounding lows.


This ep also contain remixes from the Mexican Damian Vargas and the Argentinian Oruam Zior to compliment nicely and making this one great 2019 finale.


Our favorite form this EP is Dry but we do love both remixes! 


This EP will be out soon on Simlecoding owned by Juan Trujillo.


We are so into argentinian #techno :) 


by Kosovo Clubbing