Album world tour "Breaking Point" by Vegim

05/15/2017 20:00

Breaking Point by Vegim / TMM Records

Album world tour "Breaking Point" by Vegim

Nowadays, after producing & releasing their first album, every artist of electronic music, wants to share it with the world. After failing to start his “Breaking Point”- album world tour, due to visa refusal by some of the embassies, here in Kosovo & his bike accident, Kosovo based DJ & producer, Vegim, finally starts his album world tour, on: Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium & Lithuania.

The album, is released on his own record label, TMM Records. It includes 15 tracks, all written & produced by Vegim. In this album, Vegim spreaded his inspiration & creativity, into 15 tracks. It’s no surprise that the album, is supported by: Chris Liebing, Dax J, Slam, Audio Injection aka Truncate, Pfirter, Dave Miller (Abstract Division), Kr!z, SNTS, Armaud Le Texier, ELECTRIC RESCUE, AnGy KoRe, Lag, Boriqua Tribez. Within approximately 15 years of practising techno, Vegim has moved, from a talent to a mastermind.

His 1st album tour gig, will take place tomorrow at “Techno Tuesday Amsterdam” on 20th june 2017.

“Techno Tuesday Amsterdam”, is a techno club, which operates in Amsterdam. It’s founded & owned, by Dexon, who also owns “InDeep’n’Dance Records”.

InDeep'n'Dance Records is a music and record shop based in Jordaan, Amsterdam, and is one of the leading house and techno specialists music stores in the Netherlands. Established in Amsterdam in 1999, the InDeep'n'Dance Record shop has been filling the record boxes of the world’s finest DJs and others music industry professionals for over 10 years. InDeep'n'Dance is also a label, party organization and with a digital downloads shop launched in the near future - InDeep'n'Dance maintains its cult status as one of the most credible and best loved record shops worldwide.


by Kosovo Clubbing