Rebekah will visit Prishtina for the first time during her "Fear Paralysis Album Tour", on the occasion of “Next Level’s 11th Anniversary”

09/08/2017 06:23

15. September 2017 Rebekah at ODA Theater in Prishtina, Kosovo

Rebekah will visit Prishtina for the first time during her "Fear Paralysis Album Tour", on the occasion of “Next Level’s 11th Anniversary”

After 43 gigs all over the world, under her “Fear Paralysis Album Tour”, the 20-year experienced techno artist and one of the most recognized techno artists in the word, Rebekah (Soma Records, Elements, UK), will perform her “Live Hybrid Set” for the first time in our hometown Prishtina, headlining the occasion of “Next Level’s 11th Anniversary”, which will take place at Teatri ODA, next Friday, 15th September 2017.

Rebekah’s “Live Hybrid Set” will be followed by local artists like: Rinia Rinia (Zürich, Gostivar, MK), Toton (Prishtina, KS), Vegim & Flekitza (TMM Records, Prishtina, KS) will take care of closing the night with their techno set & VJ:1MAN (Agon Nimani) will be in charge of visuals. 

Vegim - “Alchemist EP” [Decoy Records]

Vegim, the local techno artist that will close the night together with his partner in crime, Flekitza, debuted on Rebekah’s Decoy Records with “Alchemist EP”, in 2015. Rebekah is alredy familiar with Prishtina and vice versa.

Rebekah’s description of “Fear Paralysis” album

“The majority of the album was created in a period of time when I was really not sure, I was really stuck, I didn't know where I was going to go and the fear was crippling. CLR had come to an end, it wasn't announced yet but it had come to an end, and I still felt like as a newcomer to the label we still had more miles to go with it. So, it felt like I was happy-go-lucky and then it was like the rug got pulled from under my feet. So I was really scared of what was going to happen, and all of that self-doubt and the mental talk—maybe I'm only here because I'm like the token girl on CLR?

All of that stuff got really loud again, all these sort of fears and these doubts. I was really stuck, but I kind of channelled all these darker feelings into the music. For me, I can hear the theme throughout the album with the kind of pads and the darker melodies. It was a process then of signing some tracks, and then Soma were really keen. I mean, I had all these sketches but they wanted music that I'd already made. It gave me more confidence, and then I kind broke through, and I was like, you're good, you can relax a little bit now. It's even weird now as I listen back to the album. It's like I was connected to it for quite a long time and now I'm in a completely different headspace. It captured a moment for me.”

Rebekah’s explanation of the “Hybrid Setup”

“I'm using a Traktor setup, four channels open on Traktor, and a Roland Aira TR-8. I also use the Korg Volca Bass and some pedals for the bass as well. So, because I like this kind of '90s sound, the Volca Bass has got three oscillators, so you get this kind of weird, retro sound, so I wanted to incorporate that. I use the TR-8 to give me more percussion, even though I probably don't need more percussion! I wanted to challenge myself a little bit, because I can do the four decks, and I keep that rolling and rolling, which is nice, but I think it was more about bringing in something different to make it more unique. The Volca Bass has eight memory slots, so there are normally like eight things that I can play from there. I have more loops and different bits of my own productions now in Traktor. I'm using the TR-8 quite a lot, just to add in some more percussion, even more little subtle effects. Then if I strip things back enough with Traktor I can start bringing in the Volca Bass and I have a little jam. “

You can find Rebeka's biography HERE

Ticket Information for 19. September 2017 

6th of September - until 10th ticket price - 5€
1th of September - until 11th ticket price - 7€
15th of September - 8€ / after 00:00 - 9€

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Rebekah will come to Prishtina during her “Fear Paralysis Album Tour” & she will perform a “Live Hybrid Set”. We’re happy that we achieved to add Prishtina on Rebekah’s September dates of “Fear Paralysis Album Tour”, says the CEO/Manager of Next Level - Ardin Badivuku.