Review of Catatumbo EP by Juan Trujillo [Simplecoding Recordings]

04/10/2017 01:23

Techno label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Review of Catatumbo EP by Juan Trujillo [Simplecoding Recordings]

          First Simplecoding Recordings LP from the labels owner Juan Trujillo. He has been working on a conceptual package to deliver a wide range of tune styles. Juan concider this selection a powerfull and personal work where he takes past memories from his natal nation, to create each track a unique piece, and making the whole a reminder of where he comes from. 

          This LP contains 9 tracks of Banging techno with melodic and hypnotic rhythms for the dance floor, inc 3 excellent remixes by Vegim, Alex Lentini and Redshifter.

We did a short review of Juan Trujillo's CATATUMBO EP:

Pal pico de noche (Original Mix) - Perfect Intro!

Pal pico de noche (Vegim Remix) - Flawless groove, it will take the vibe to the next level, everytime you play it!

Amanecido (Original Mix) - Energetic, melodic!

Amanecido (Alex Lentini Remix) - The perfect combination of hard & melodic!

Catatumbo (Original Mix) - Nice atmosphere!

Catatumbo (Redshifter Remix) - When you want to create an energetic atmosphere, this is the right track!

Dr. Knoche (Original Mix) - The rolling bassline & synth in this track, are impressive!

Aguacero - Ideal midset track!

Guacharaca (Original Mix) - This is the perfect track, to close the set!