First (i)legal techno "Rave for Planet" on Kosovo

04/17/2020 20:00

I do like the new lifestyle that coronavirus has brought ๐Ÿ˜‡ A (i)legal techno party happened at Gjillan and we were invited to play.

First (i)legal techno "Rave for Planet" on Kosovo

The party happened on 12th Apr 2020 and one of our fun booked us for his bday with help of "N'rrote" festival organization.

Everything was well organised!!

They had everything that techno needs: (except heating :D as this was an open air party)
- perfect sound system,
- techno happy people,
- water, fruit and very sweet accessories from colgate :D (wow, new one for new life ;) insted of lollipop, we had those and I really love it)! 

People were dancing to techno with masks, as thats the new rule of new life, right?! :)

They chose a spot where police could not easily come ... but as always cuz of bass in techno, police had two attempts to shutdown us, but as we were celebrating a bday, and police are still confused as to what is happening with world, we continued for a third time until we needed to stop and it was morning.

And you think it was eoungh?! Ha.

Then we went to an after party, with great people and their beautiful minds, with techno in the background.

Those people are not scared at all of new way of life.

And I love that they do not stop living, they just do anything possible to put a smile on their faces!

Next one in a few months.

Stay tuned and connect with techno minds so u can learn the location on time.


WOW! One more weekend dancing with techno.
We win ๐Ÿ˜‡