06/02/2019 04:49

Sea Star festival promoted by EXIT sent a strong peace message from the Croatian seaside

The third edition of the Sea Star Festival promoted by the award-winning EXIT team gathered over 40,000 visitors from around 40 countries and promoted messages of love and tolerance in a special #ShareLove panel.
03/07/2019 00:52

EVENT REVIEW: Euphoria lll — SNTS, Vegim, Flekitza, Liburn / Ferizaj / Uroševac, KS

Valon Hoxha and his NGO "Euphoria" from Ferizaj has been organizing music events dedicated to electronic music for two years in a row, giving special attention to the techno genre
11/21/2018 04:40

No Sleep Festival gathered 25,000 people from over 30 countries in Belgrade!

No Sleep Festival, the brand-new electronic music event in Belgrade, made by the team behind multi-awarded EXIT festival, gathered 25,000 people from over 30 countries.
05/10/2018 01:00

PARTY REVIEW: 'RW X DEnacht' w/ VRIL (Live), Ancient Methods & Daniela La Luz

'Hapësira' presented the milestone edition 'Rilindja Warehouse'
09/06/2018 00:17

Hapesira's February techno events

Two events in February in two years organized by Hapsira organization on Kosovo: RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha, Vegim, Flekitza, Leo Lumezi, Uran B. & RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi
How I found out about SHDW & Obscure Shape
PARTY REVIEW: Rilindja Warehouse III w/Alex.Do & Hunter Game
PARTY REVIEW: RWIX: Artefakt LIVE + Keith Carnal | Prishtina, KS
PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS
PARTY REVIEW: TKNO at club Basstore, Prishtina, Kosovo
PARTY REVIEW: Independence Night with Dj Tennis, David Squillace, Alban Hajdini @ Zone Club, Prishtina, KS
A Belgian Impression of Next level's 11th Anniversary with Rebekah!
PARTY REVIEW: 11th Anniversary w/Rebekah, Rinia Rinia, Toton, Vegim & Flekitza / 15--09 / Teatri ODA, Prishtina-KS
Party review: Seth Troxler at Zone Club in Prishtina, Kosovo
Review of Massive Fest, Djakova, KS
Review: Nat H Lee at Basstore Club, Prishtina, KS
Active Live Music Festival @ Viva Club, Mitrovica, Kosovo
Zoom Festival, Leposavic, Kosovo
Aril Brikha @ Full House Klub, Prishtina, Kosovo
Steve Lawler @ Spray Club, Prishtina, Kosovo
Eelke Kleijn @ Full House Club, Prishtina, Kosovo
Black Sun Empire @ ODA, Prishtina, Kosovo