08/22/2019 20:42

Axling - Verge EP on Abstraction

Very talented Swedish artist Axling making his debut at the Abstraction label with a package of exceptional productions, showing his characteristic raw and analog sound in each of them.
08/19/2019 20:25

Skov Bowden - Turbine Ep on Mechanikal Hard

including remix by Marco Raineri
08/15/2019 01:20

Filterheadz Infinite EP on Mavic Music

Belgium duo The Filterheadz realised debut on Mavic Music with two powerhouse tracks extensively road-tested and guaranteed for the dance floor.
05/10/2019 01:12

"Rash EP" by Fabrizio Lapiana is out on Attic Music

One year after his debut album "Intraverso", Fabrizio Lapiana is back on his own label Attic Music with the new "Rash" EP.
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"Rash EP" by Fabrizio Lapiana is out on Attic Music
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