05/22/2024 19:07

Dangelo (Arg) - Ciclo Infinito EP [LTD041]

Introducing Dangelo Arg a truly talented producer and artist hailing from Argentina.
06/28/2023 23:05

Faustø - Enclosure EP [TMMLTD039]

Faustø unveils an essential release on TMM Records.
06/08/2023 22:43

Forbidden - Unbalanced [TMM LTD038]

Big welcome to Fordbidden for these amazing and perfectly crafted five techno cuts.
05/18/2023 16:27

Alberto Palazzi - Natural Impulse EP [TMMLTD037]

Stellar welcome to Alberto Palazzi for his debut on TMM Records.
04/27/2023 16:09

Transparent Shape - Optical Method EP [TMMLTD036]

Transparent Shape comes back with a second release on TMM Records.
Johann Arty - Mod EP [TMMLTD035]
Rheak - Random Section EP [TMMLTD034]
Various Artists - Dimension V [TMMLTD033]
Trismus - Pulling The Trigger EP [TMMLTD032]
TMM Records releases in 2023!