Trismus - Pulling The Trigger EP [TMMLTD032]

01/21/2023 22:00

Broken techno and heavy atmospheric soundscapes is just a peak of what you will find in the first TMM release of this year.

Trismus  - Pulling The Trigger EP [TMMLTD032]

Heading from France, Trismus is the guy responsible for our next release called Pulling The Trigger EP. 🔥

Release date: 18.01.2023

Cat nr: #TMMLTD032

Genre: #electronic § Style: #techno



Track list:

1. Induced Amnesia (Intro) 01:53

2. Pulling the trigger 05:52

3. Gnarl 05:43

4. Weaponized 05:45

Written and produced by: Trismus

Mastering by: Vegim

Artwork by: Deux Ex Machina

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