Faustø - Enclosure EP [TMMLTD039]

06/28/2023 23:05 FLEKITZA.com

Faustø unveils an essential release on TMM Records.

Faustø - Enclosure EP [TMMLTD039]

Presenting a transcendental selection of five techno masterpieces, designed to harmonize the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being, evoking a profound sensory experience upon the hallowed expanse of the dancefloor.

Name: Enclosure EP
Released: June 28, 2023
W & P by: Faustø
Mastered by Vegim
Artwork by Kobalt 2023


1. No Awareness

2. Enclosure

3. Tangible Vision

4. Unfaltering Force

5. Fallout

Early support by:

Takaaki Itoh: "Tangible Vision is top for me"
Tensal: "Nice stuff"
Kessell: "Good stuff, thanks."
Endlec: "Thanx for those weapons."
Alderaan: "Good stuff!"
Ctrls: "Enclosure for me." 

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