Vegim - Autostatic EP [TMMLTD053]

06/17/2024 18:32

Autostatic EP by Vegim is released on June 1st 2024. on his imprint TMM Records.

Vegim - Autostatic EP [TMMLTD053]

After spending two years in Luxemburg, where he was busy producing and creating new upcoming techno projects:

- Selected Tracks 1 by Vegim released on August 22, 2023 

The tracks included in this release were previously released through different labels, and a few of them even encountered the fate of becoming less visible over time. This inspired him to gather them collectively, applying remastering, all within a single location and only in Bandcamp.

- Cold in the bones by Vegim in colab with Nuno Zanga released on July 20, 2023

Two exceptionally distinguished gentlemen hailing from the root of TMM Records have united in creative synergy, synergistically conjuring a fresh auditory opus intended to elevate and harmonize the corporeal, cerebral and ethereal facets of our being.

He is currently based in Croatia for two years residency, where he continues to focus on perfecting music production and sound mastering.

Vegim's sound features driving percussive rhythms, futuristic soundscapes, and relentless hypnotic energy.

“Autostatic” is a testament to Vegim’s innovative style, with each track delivering a unique hypnotic state of mind.

1. Autostatic

2. Ligaments

3. Until we met the monster in ourselves

4. Lullaby [Outro]

5. Technologies

Artwork by Kobalt 2024