I do love covid-19

09/22/2020 21:16 FLEKITZA.com

I love corona because it is somehow to my liking :)

I do love covid-19

Isolation did not fall hard on me, because in 2005 I isolated myself from:

* family - and learned that love is always here and now, even if you do not call or go every weekend to them

* turbo-folk and TV - so the only techno was in my ears, even in the background, every damn second ;)

* toxic people - people who are afraid of love and change,

* stupid food - so I was then a “fiju fit” a bit :D , cuz: 

- I don't drink cow's milk, I don't eat bread and meat :D 
- I don't eat tomatoes and I don't mix them with cucumber

* instead of cosmetics, I sprinkle with zeolite and Sodium bicarbonate without aluminium

* I soak overnight in the water nuts, seeds and dried fruits as well as cereals

* I drink solar, boiled and silver water

* when I go to someone (read "after party" :D) I carry ma slippers with me :D


I'm adding new habits because of co19 and I am ready for 21 days! 

To repeat new habits every day that will turn into a new routine ;)


I want: 

- to oil pulling instead of brushing my teeth
- that instead of a morning workout, to do a dry shower

Thanks to corona people have learned:

- not to kiss every time when they see each other

- to not stick to each other's necks at the cashier in the market

- that love is not to visit and gather

- that every job, meeting, can be done online without meeting and drinking coffee :D

Well, why do you like corona?

What are your new habits?


and yes!!! During corona I’ve learned:

- that pimple can be removed on its own in three days without any stain if you don't touch it :D

Thank you corona! :D 


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