Dry brushing

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Dry brushing

The skin is our organ, protects and covers all our vital organs.
One of the important roles of the skin is to remove toxins and impurities from the body through sweat.
Sweat and smell of sweat are an excellent indicator of internal state of organism.

Is there a way to detoxify the skin?

Dry brushing is a technique that enables skin cleansing, with simultaneous detoxification internal organs.
The dry brush method was introduced by Finnish doctor Paavo Airola in 1980 years.

Dry brushing is known for its cosmetic effect on skin renewal: removes old, dry skin.

But this is not the only benefit of dry brushing.
It is known that dry brushing:

- solves cellulite
- a pure lymphatic system
- removes deposits of dead skin
- rtrengthens immunity
- stimulates the work of hormones and glands
- tightens the skin, prevents premature aging
- stimulates blood circulation
- improves the functioning of the liver system
- improves digestion
- beautifully shapes the muscles
- and with all this is simple, cheap and does not take much time!
What is needed for dry skin brushing?

Brush with long lap or without :D, made of natural materials and as soft as it should be.

The main thing is to do what suits your skin. Listen to your skin. When the skin gets used to a softer brush, you can go to something "harder".

A way of dry brushing

Brushing is always dry.
Long, straight movements, brush your legs from the foot up, then the arms from fingers to the shoulders, the back
top down and stomach from the top.

Such brushing will direct the lymph to the heart.
(Note: Brushing in the opposite direction is not recommended, because it routes the lymph from the heart, which can cause additional loading of veins and lymph nodes.)

Dry skin brushing should be done once a day - best in the morning, before showering. For detailed dry brushing
you'll need 15 minutes. If you feel sick, increase your skin's brushing 2 times a day.
At places with hard and rough skin like a tannin, make a slight pressure.
If you want to remove cellulite, pay attention to the trouble spots more time. Enclose cellulite affected areas
from 5 to 10 minutes a day. To get a good result, you should use this method at least 5 months in a row. 
Avoid dry brushing at places where the skin is sensitive or damaged (wounds, cuts, spots affected infection or rash).
Finish dry brushing with a shower. At the end of the shower, make three hot and three cold cycles:

- leave the hot water for five seconds (check the level of heat: you can only hold it for a few seconds,
not recommended for heart patients!)

- then spend five seconds under cold water (the same cold test that you can withstand just a few seconds under)

- Repeat this 3 times
- Finish the shower with cold water.

Hot-cold shower additionally strengthens the skin, accelerates toxin secretion, stimulates blood circulation and feeds the outer layer skin.

What after showering?
After brushing, it is necessary to dry out or bathe to remove old skin cells and toxins that are release in this process
Wipe and put on your skin natural oils as olive, almond, sesame, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa, avocado, etc.

Wash the brush with water and place it in a dry and ventilated place in order to dry well.

You will feel the benefits of this method after 30 days of daily dry brushing.
Continue to brush your lymph for 3 months.

Happy dry washing :D :) <3