Buckwheat - The Healthiest Cereal!

12/22/2016 00:42 FLEKITZA.com

....and wanted to find a healthy type of flour. It appears that buckwheat is the answer!

 Buckwheat - The Healthiest Cereal!

I was already addicted to different foods that heal and while researching for more information, I found out that eating bread does nothing but give our bodies fat, satiety (a feeling of fullness), and fatigue. That intrigued me and I started researching more about bread.

I found A LOT!

I also found out about gluten, which is a protein that contains the most wheat. Too much wheat can cause Celiac Disease or an intolerance to gluten. Ultimately, I realized flour containing wheat is unhealthy and wanted to find a .


Buckwheat is the answer!


Buckwheat arrived in Kosovo a few months ago in a shop called “The Spice Garden.” The price of a 500gr package of buckwheat is 3 euros.

I checked almost all of the restaurants, bakeries, and shops in Kosovo, and no one knew anything about buckwheat!

So far, there are no products containing buckwheat in Pristina, but I hope that in a few months, we will be able to nibble on some healthy sweets, bread, and munchies!


I also want to add that in Mitrovica, where I purchase my zeolite (read more about that on my blog), you can buy fresh buckwheat cookies!


Get buckwheat and make healthy pancakes, muffins, bread, and basically anything you need flour for.


Just replace the flour for buckwheat.


There are many other ways to prepare it, too! You will not believe that you can actually have a healthy dough!


For more about buckwheat, you can read the info on my blog!


Enjoy healthy bread now, but do not overdo it! ;)