06/17/2018 01:03

Slovenian music platform that allows you to earn VIB tokens


What is viberate?

This is an excellent Slovenian music platform or database of world musicians, agencies, organizers, promoters as well as all new musicians, giving them a chance to have a successful career. Founders of are Slovenian techno dj and producer Uroš Umek and his team with whom he has been working together since the beginning of his career, Vasja Veber and Matej Gregorčič. They have been in the music industry for more than 15 years and they wanted to solve the problems they faced during this time.

The project is already supported by the European Commission's "Music Moves Europe" program, so it has been selected as one of 8 startups that will change the music industry, and Viberate its supported by Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.


Viberate has its own crypto currency - VIB

A new system that allows music lovers to earn crypto tokens is an open base that allows everyone to add new artists and locations, earning Viberese crypto currency VIB. All activities that will give you a crypto prize can be found at:

VIB can be replaced for other crypto-crystals such as bitkoin and ether.

Viberate also allows sale of tickets for performances to event organizers in exchange for a crypto currency.

You can also visit Viberet's store where you can buy a beautiful festival bag (pic above), which I received after a week of order, while I did not receive t-shirt I first ordered (and im totally OK as i know how telecomunication on Kosovo works :D )

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