Vanu art handmade bracelets

08/05/2017 13:00

Handmade bracelets for clubbers! :)

Vanu art handmade bracelets

Previously my wrists were full of some bumps, bracelets, some braided bracelets that I made with my friends. Then I had an allergic reaction so I took everything off. Recently, I've been following Pura Vida, a company from Costa Rica with beautiful handmade bracelets, but I have not ordered them online, because I'm testing myself if I can wear them. 

Just as I joined the Pura Vida Club and filled my shopping basket, Rina appeared with hands full of lovely bracelets I never thought I would find in Kosovo. Anesa and Vallon are a couple and a team making beautiful jewelry, focused on bracelets. Their company Vanu art handmade is exactly what I was looking for! Their work and creativity bring bracelets to life!

Vegim and I got these two bracelets, and then another blue, with a yellow nodus at the Philip Morris campaign at the Beer Festival in Prishtina. They are wonderful and I haven't had any allergic reaction. 

You can follow their works on Instagram and Facebook

Prices are negotiable and you can order your bracelets, and choose yourself the idea, combine colors and get what you need. 

These bracelets are ideal for your friends, for partners and for family and gatherings. So What are you waiting for ?!

Choose your color combinations and enjoy!