Techno label from Kosovo with the first vinyl release

07/14/2022 19:34

The Techno duo Vegim and Flekitza debut their first 12-inch vinyl release, with the hypnotic groove EP "Shifting Operations" on their label TMM Recordings.

Techno label from Kosovo with the first vinyl release

The label was founded in 2006 and to this day is constantly pushing the boundaries of techno music with the unique taste of talented artists.

"Few know that Prishtina has one of the dopest techno labels on the region — TMM Recordings" -

This release includes 5 tracks, and the phenomenal review of them was done by Macedonian music journalist Andrijan Apostoloski for the music platform, which aims to unite the youth of the Balkans through contemporary art and techno.

The project was supported by the Municipality of Prishtina, Department for Culture, during the pandemic years when the culture was hit the hardest and stagnated.

You can buy "Shifting Operations" on your favorite music stores around the world, HERE!

by Kosovo Clubbing