PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS

19.02.2018 14.16

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PARTY REVIEW: Trips & Tics at BASStore Club, Prishtina, KS

Great party at BASStore Club on 17th February 2018! 

Music without exaggeration, objectively speaking, was brutal and concrete.
The great techno duo - Trips & Tics, from Underground Connection agency, made the most of it and provided the lovely audience with LOVE & DANCE!


photo credit: Nebojša Cvetković Photography

The beautiful club - BASStore, with great sound system and lighting, this time, among 128bpm, shots emotions in such a cruel and tough way. It looked so wonderful for the ears and our bodies that moves in that lively techno rhythm.

Techno gives you love!

It should have the courage to spin "strong tracks" indoors and make the audience feel comfortable, pleasant and cheerful.

Each atom of their dedication to what they do, through music, was radiated to all of us, the audience, who recognized most of the that were chosen and played by Trips & Tics.


photo credit: Nebojša Cvetković Photography

It’s nice to feel such good vibrations released by the techno music that was going on, on the DJ booth and the energy of the techno lovers dancing to techno, on the packed dancefloor. 

That night, positive comments on the impeccable techno music choice, were flying all over Basstore club. As a sign of respect and gratitude, Trips & Tics played ‘Revenge’ – a track by Kosovo’s underground scene techno duo – Vegim and Flekitza, released on Portuguese record label – Naked Lunch

photo credit: Nebojša Cvetković Photography

Experienced clubbers gave a warm round of applause, as a sign of appreciation. A phenomenal audience occupied the dancefloor this time. 

You can listen to a cut of Trips & Tics’s set at Basstore Club, on Kosovo Clubbing podcast series (Episode 08)!

A big thank you goes out to the great hosts – NaimGencWilly/whole Basstore Club crew and the wonderful audience, who disperesed all of their body energy all over Basstore Club, dancing to techno!

Take a peek at this event’s photos HERE

See you again, soon ;)

The next rave is scheduled for March 2, 2018.  The 9th Edition of “Rilindja Warehouse” (RWIX) w/ Artefakt (LIVE), Keith Carnal, Vegim, Ivi Abazi, hosted by Hapësira!