On Discrimination: Debriefs with shesaid.so

03/04/2020 14:11 FLEKITZA.com

Panellists, Louise Thawley, Naomi Pohl and John Shortell will be discussing the current laws around discrimination and harassment, the gaps in the legislation, and what the MU are lobbying Government to do better in this area.

On Discrimination: Debriefs with shesaid.so

The first event in shasaid.so  series tackling bias and harassment in the industry took place in London on 25.02.20 with topic Researching Discrimination in Music Industry.


Seasson two of the second event of "On Discrimination" will be held on 10.03.2020 in London, from 7Am to 10PM.


Topic will be: Undestanding Discrimination and the Law


Tickets for the second event on 10.03.20 are now live HERE.


This session will explore the legal aspects of discrimination with:

Louise Thawley (Managing Associate at Mischon de Reya law firm)

Naomi Pohl (Deputy General Secretary at the Musicians' Union)

John Shortell (Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Musicians' Union)


This is the second of four events as part of the series - On Discrimination: Debriefs with partners Musician's Union, DICE, Mischon de Reya, InChorus, Don't Be A Creep.


This event is open to all genders and tickets you can fidn HERE




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