Kosovo Clubbing podcasts series on "Radio Kosova"

03/17/2021 22:54 FLEKITZA.com

Yes! That's right :) The whole Kosovo has the opportunity to explore and listen to techno :) This text below is an announcement for our new project. The product is a radio show that is part of the sustainable development of electronic music culture in Kosovo.

Kosovo Clubbing podcasts series on "Radio Kosova"

After the pandemic halted their performances, Flekitza and Vegim focused on producing in the studio and organizing releases on their imprint TMM Records.



"Isolated State" released on their label TMM Records, prior to the pandemic, is just an entry into what follows from their production.



In order to stay in touch with loyal fans of techno music, Flekitza and Vegim will prepare a music set every Saturday on Radio Kosovo from 9 pm.