Ecoversity - The Regenerative Lifestyle Challenge

05/17/2022 23:32

Everything I learned about soil, compost, green home, gardening, growing my own food (even though I do not have any of weirdo fruits and food like they do in Costarica πŸ€“) breathwork, herbalism, permaculture, ecstatic dance, new earth, ecosystem I did with Ecoversity.🌎

Ecoversity - The Regenerative Lifestyle Challenge

Ecoversity was founded less than two short (and fast) years ago, with a heart-felt dream to inspire a community of change-makers to join the eco-revolution.

Right now I'm on 3days of The Regenerative Lifestyle Challenge where I learn the difference between sustainability and regeneration, how to apply the various types of internal care for a regenerative lifestyle and understanding that individual regeneration includes the internal ecosystem in all of us - which directly affects our external ecosystem.

Regeneration vs. Sustainability

We hear these words a lot in the global conversations of how to help our environment. 

Sustainability used to be popular... until we pushed our planet (and ourselves) further than it could recover 😡

Now, we need Regeneration πŸŒ±

This figure represents ways to shift your internal world from just sustaining to becoming regenerative.

Whole Systems Design

Like our environmental ecosystems, everything in our internal ecosystem is connected.

We are not separate from nature; we ARE nature πŸ€—

Visible Structures: Work, Social, Physical, & Financial.

Invisible Structures: Intellectual, Personal, Spiritual, & Emotional.

Take into consideration how these ecosystem elements currently flow in your life.

Join me at Ecoversity RIGHT NOW :)

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