Internal Care

05/18/2022 00:11

This is day one of the Regenerative Lifestyle Challenge by Ecoversity where I determine knowledge about self care, self love, communication and affirmations and how to apply them in daily life 👊

Internal Care

Day One: Internal Care

✔️ Eat healthy & locally sourced food
✔️ Generate a morning practice
✔️ Bring ritual into your life
✔️ Set personal boundaries & respect them
✔️ Get proper rest
✔️ Rest is Productive
✔️ Learn something new every day

Self Care: The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. You can always choose selfrespect. Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Personal, Work, and Financial balance is the key you already hold in your hands. I'm just two steps toward to it 💪 (physicly as im not into eating 🤪 and finaciall yas im not into saving at all 🧐)

Self Love: The acts, thoughts, and words of gratitude, kindness, and acceptance you give to yourself. Showing admiration for your authentic being. These acts and gestures can come in Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Personal, Work, and Financial forms. The first person you should love is the one in the mirror. Im into daily using Maya planner to write all of my thoughts and wirds of gratitude. 

Communication: The sending or receiving of information. This includes virtual communication too (receiving emails and phone sms (as i do not like calls at all🤪), but it also refers to inner communication. What do your legs say after a long walking, run? What does your stomach say after a smoothie, versus fast food? What are your dreams at night trying to tell you? We are constantly receiving information.

Affirmations: Typically a sentence of powerful words put together to tap into both the conscious and unconscious mind. These aim to inspire, challenge, and encourage you to achieve your smallest goals or biggest dreams in life. These statements are said aloud to yourself. Repetition increases power.

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