Balance in everything!

10/05/2016 21:38

You have to balance yourself in everything, even when it starts to get cold. Take a break, focus on what you are doing and you will see how easy it is to do anything. After long ride we took a break at Toke Bashqe Park to balance ourselfs in these very early autumn days!

Balance in everything!

Cycling increases your balance and btw, life is like cycling, if you want to have balanced life (healthy and happy) you have to continue moving! Such is life and it is moving all the time! We have to decide if we wanna be anxious or to accept every road and learn how to ride, to move :) Cycling is a perfect example for a balanced life! Do not even think about staying in one place and living with memories! NO! Don't even think about your past! Move! You need to balance your life right now! Stay happy and start cycling :) I just adore cycling! It's my hobby, transportation, recreation and fun. I Just love while cycling, not thinking about anything (my fav job, you remember) :P I'm totally enjoying the views and everything around me. Cycling gives you the opportunity to learn how to be open to changes and differences, to accept everything what's on your road, to accept changes as a part of life and not as a mistake that you can fix! Sometimes you just need to RIDE!

Happy cycling and balancing your life!

Safe ride ;)