Amy Mako beauty toothpaste

11/10/2016 17:00

Amy Mako beauty toothpaste

Girl who introduced me to essential oils is Amy Mako. Her whole family is on oils that have a great benefits for the healthy mind, soul and body.

As I've been using natural cosmetics for a long time, I got this great natural toothpaste that Amy was mixing by herself.



The whole recipe for this natural paste, you can find on pictures i posted. It's her favorite combination. You can, of course, combine your favorite ingredients :)

When Amy met zeolite, we decided not to spit this toothpaste. It can be freely swallowed, as it contains a zeolite inside which cleans body from free radicals and metals.



If you want to have this totaly natural toothpaste, contact Amy Mako for more details.


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